September 25, 2020

1996-02-08 – St Louis Post Dispatch

1996 02 08 St__Louis_Post_Dispatch_Thu__Feb_8__1996_

Boulder 0' Bass The Who’s Entwistle takes his own stage

By Paul Hampel
GET OUT Staff wmer

Pick a modern rock bass player,
any modern rock bass player.

Got one?

You picked Flea of the Red Hot
Chili Peppers. Right?

Nowadays, that rock ‘n' roll card
trick works just about every time.

But it wasn't always so easy.

A couple of decades ago, even
casual rock ‘n' roll fans could name
three or four prominent bassists from
a cast of legends that included Bill
Wyman, Jack Bruce, Stanley Clarke.
John Paul Jones. Larry Graham Jr.,

Bootsy Collins, Sid Vicious. Geezer.

Butler, and Phil Lesh.

John lntwistle

KSHE’s Real Rock
Concert Club

9:30 pm. tonight



Bass players had a cult unto them-
selves. Playground fights would
erupt over who wielded the toughest

'ax, Wyman or Bruce, Clarke or Jones.

One of the all-time giants of the
bass guitar, John Entwistle, performs
at 9:30 pm. tonight at KSHE's Real
Rock Concert Club at Union Station.
His set will include songs from his
new album, “The Rock,” as well as
classic cuts from his days as the
anchor of The Who.

Entwistle was the calm member
of The Who. the stalwart who cared
more about hitting his notes than
smashing his instrument. He would
calmly dodge splinters from Pete
Townshend's demolished guitars and
sidestep Keith Moon's tumbling
drums, maintaining a flawless
metronome throughout the chaos
that was The Who live.

Bottom-end musicians owe him a

debt as the man who pioneered the
rock bass solo with his rapid. thump-
ing riffs on The Who's international
hit. “My Generation.”

And he wrote a couple of fine
songs, too. including “Borris The
Spider" and “My Wife."

Entwistle does not break new
ground on “The Rock." The opening
track, “Stranger In A Strange Land."
sounds like The Who circa “Face
Dances." The ballad "Love Doesn't
Last" would have fit snugly on the final
Who studio album. “It's Hard." But the
rest constitute standard light-metal
fare. with few distinguishing elements.
Except for that fluid. rumbling bass. 4