September 18, 2020

1996-03-03 – The Post Star

1996 03 03 The_Post_Star_Sun__Mar_3__1996_

Pop music notes

By Mllk Brown
Orange County Register

The orlglnul "l’omy".
CM is next in line in MCA’s


Who catalog. It’ 8 due March 12, but '


Still to come are “Quadrophema

. “Who Are You,” “The Who By

Numbers”'and “Odds and Sods.”
Bonus tracks are likely on all those,
and, as compiler Chn's Charlesworth
promised a couple of years ago, new
discs of umeleased live material are
being readied as well.

Abe finally 800an lldtt is

. “Coolwalkingsmoothtalking-
straightsmokingfitestoking: The Best >

of Pete Townshend” It features 15
songs, including one new one,
“Uneasy Street,” as well as a remix

. of “Let My Love Open the Door.”

Townshend has had a surpn'sing
number of solo hits when you add
them up, including “Rough Boys,”
the unjustly overlooked “Aan'end is
a Friend,” “Slit Skirts,” “A Little is
Enough,” “Face the Face” and more.

Gotta wait until April for that.