October 1, 2020

1996-03-04 – Santa Cruz Sentinel

1996 03 04 Santa_Cruz_Sentinel_Mon__Mar_4__1996_

Ex-Who bassist wows 'em

Entwistle mobbed
at SC record store

Sentinel staff writer

SANTA CRUZ — John “Thun-
derfingers" Entwistle. former
bassist for the Who. jumped off
the Magic Bus on Sunday and
landed at Cymbaline Records,
much to the delight of fans wait-
ing for his autograph on their
eightgtrack cassettes and yel-
lowed ‘concert posters.

”I'm a huge fan." said Danny
Lucian of Mountain View, a col-
lector of rock and roll memora-
bilia who presented Entwistle

with several posters, books and

album covers.

Entwistle. who performed Sun-
day night at Palookaville on the
first leg of his “Left for Dead'V
tour. got a laugh from the crowd
when he was asked what he'd
like to say to Santa Cruz.

“1 want a train set for Christ-
mas.“ Entwistle said.

Then his drummer. Steve
Leuongo, leaned over and said.

“No that’s Santa Cruz, not Santa

Entwistle said he was pleased
by the reception he received from
fans at Cymbaline. many of
whom stood in the rain awaiting
his 4 pm. appearance.

Entwistle signed several ”Left

“It's amazing to have an artist
of his stature here. It’s great for
the fans," said Ron Prilliman,
owner of Cymbaline, who esti-
mated that more than 100 people
came to see Rock and Roll Hall of
Famer. '

“This is why we do it, to meet
and connect with the communi-
ty." said music promoter Peter
Fields, who brought his Aptos
High yearbook intending to get
Entwistle to sign the page that
pictures Fields holding the Who's
1973 album “Rigor Mortis” in a
group photo.

Lance Holst of Monterey. who
has been listening to Entwistle

and the Who since 1966, brought
his electric guitar for Entwistle
to sign.

John Entwistle performed
Sunday at Palookavulle.

“We consider him to be one of
the best." said Holst's friend
Chuck Baker of Capitola.

Entwistle last appeared in San-
ta Cruz at the Catalyst in 1988.