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2000-02-11 – Pittsburgh Post Gazette

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Post-Gdzette Pop Music Critic

When you call your record “Un-
derdog," you‘re not sup sed to
nan around and win a rammy
n .

But Audio Adrenaline is up for
best rock gospel album at the
Grammys and three Dove
Awards, contemporary Christian
music’s answer to the Grammys.
I. Could the group‘s third Gram-
my nomination be the charm that
gives the underdog its day?

Mark Stuart isn‘t betting on it.

“The Grammys are so politi-
cal." he says. “especially the
Christian music side of it, because
there‘s not a lot of people that
vote, so if one company has a little
more block voting oing on, they
can definitely win t e Grammy for
their artist It‘s not actual] the
best record It‘s who has t e most
clout at the moment. It‘s a little

‘He‘s happy just to be invited to
the ceremony.

“To be nominated is great." he
says. “but to go the Grammys is

the coolest thing about being nom-

inated. We haven't missed one yet.
It costs a fortune to get out there
and get evetybody dressed but it
is so much tun."

Before the guys get all dolled
up to hit the firammys‘ Audio
Adrenaline will be in Plum tomor-
row to rm-k the Pittsburgh East
Hill (impel ('hureh, a show that

_ mart promises will be at least as
goof) its their earlier local appear-
ances hen- ‘dx‘ openers for DC.

“A lot ot’('hristian bands are
very serious." says Stuart. “And
that's very tool. We don’t take
what we do lightly. but we definite-
ly like to make fun of ourselves.
And that's the whole idea of ‘Un-
derdog.‘ We‘re just a bunch of
guys miting music and having a
good time and hopefully glorifying
God with what we do and maybe

bringing a smile to some kids’

fies out there or our parents‘
faces when they hear our music. If
you thought [the show with DC.
Talkl was funny, wait ‘til you see
the 'Underdog‘ show."

in addition to silly home video
footage. the band intends to do a
medley ot' some of the biggest
Christian singles of the past four

On cheap little Casio key-

And it‘s more than likely safe to
go in expecting the rockabilly take
on“DC-10" they cut for “Under-

The song is 10 ears old.

The band redi it as a bite.

“And people love it,"8iml't
says. ‘ 3"” ‘ """i

__............. ”M”- aw,
ovum ‘ ’

The album also finds them cov-
ering the man who wrote the
none—too—Christian l ‘c, “Why
don‘t you all just f-f— -f-fade away,"
Pete Townshend.

The cover in question is the
1080 solo hit. “Let My Love Open
the Door." a song that Stuart says
was Christian long before they got
around to singing it.

“Pete 'l‘ownshend isn’t your typ-
ical person you would think of who
would write a Christian song, or a
song about God.“ he says. “But
when you read his liner notes
about this particular song, it‘s like
wow, it‘s so cool, ‘cause he’s talk-
ing about God comin into your
heart. He was actu y disappoint-
ed that the song was never layed
on Christian radio. So b&éfly
we cangetthe’songon 'tian

radioggw. . . {-95.1


' Adrenaline’s rush

Christian band’s having fun with Grammy nomination and rockin’ tour


WHEN: Tomorrow at 6 pm.
WHERE: Pittsburgh East Full ‘
Gospel Church; Plum.
mm: 516,- 412-793—
. 1600 or 800965-9324.

li tened up enough to play a
sgiig by an artist who’s written the
greatest ode to girhe pictures

“We’ve been doing this for 10
years,” Stuart says. “And there
was a lot more opposition to rock
’n’ roll at the beginning. Even

bef tartedthe.
”viewififiimmfiaf. .

Kern McKeehan Stuart
Audio Adrenaline —— Tyler Burkum. Mark Stuart. Ben Cissell, Bob Herdman and VWI McGinniss — might
bring Pete Townshend to Christian radio.

Christian rock really paid the
price, battling the old-school tradi-
tiotlial church guys who said it was
ev1 ."

How far have we come?

“There’s a band called P.0.D..“
says Stuart, “that‘s getting a lot of
success and they’re as hard and
as heavy or even more so than a
Limp Bizkit or Korn. But they’re
great ministers of the gospel. I
mean, they have a heart for evan«
gelism like you wouldn‘t believe.
But at the same time. they're get
ting airplay on MTV because they
rock so hard. And finally, the
church is looking at it and saying
‘This is a tool to tell people about
God.’ Music is a powerful instru-
ment. And in the wrong hands, it
can do a lot of dama e. But in the
hands of someone w o wants to
make a positive difference it can

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