September 19, 2020

2000-02-22 – The Age

2000 02 22 The_Age_Tue__Feb_22__2000_

Symphony for the devil: looking happy of a morning, What can an old rocker do?

Still standing, from left: Peter Fra

mpton, Roger Daltrey and Alice Cooper.


Rock on: Frampton, Daltrey and Cooper in I910: incarnations.


One of the hardest jobs of an
ageing rocker ls maintaining a

At the launch of the Ultimate
Rock Symphony Australian tour at
the Radisson on Flagstaff yester-
day, original shock rocker Alice
Cooper, who years ago gave up
hard living and pet snakes for golf
and religion, was decked out in
trademark black, except for the
pristine golf shoes he had left on
from a round earlier that morning.

Roger Daltrey. the former singer
of the Who, was doing his best to
live up to his cocky wild man
image, which was under threat
from his _ involvement with n
40-piece orchestra.

in a masterful display of news
conference control, Daltny,

flanked by fellow drawcards
Cooper, Paul Rodgers, Gary
Brooker, Peter Frampton, Nikki
Lamborn and Aussie stalwarts
Billy Thorpe and Jimmy Barnes,
cracked gags, dropped drug refer-
ences, ignored tough questions
and referred to the performers’
ages before the media could.

When the singers were asked by
photographers to look a bit
happier, Daltrey replied: “How are
we supposed to look happy at 10
o'clock In the morning? This is a
f ------ rock'n'roll tour."

The eight singers will be Joined
by the orchestra, 10-voice choir
and fivc-man band in performing
symphonic renditions of classic
rock songs from the likes of the
Beatles, Led Zeppelin, the Who,
the Rolling Stones and Pink Floyd.

It's something of an ultimate
covers band, as none of the veteran

rockers perform their own hit

Daltrey will feel comfortable
playing with the band, which
includes both the younger brother
and nephew of the Who’s Pete
Townshend, guitarist Simon and
drummer Ben (replacing for the
tour the son of Beatles drummer
Ringo Starr, Zac Starkey).

The Townshends say they can
play the Who songs on the bill
without thinking. Simon said: "I
think there's a genetic connection.
it’s weird how it works. Ben's the
same and it's really been interest-
ing to see. It was a lot of hard work
for Zac to learn all that stuff, trying
to emulate (late Who drummer) ,
Keith Moon. Zac fell right into the
Beatles songs.”

The Ultimate Rock Symphony will
be held at Colonial Stadium on
H March