September 23, 2020

2002-02-08 – The Greenville News

2002 02 08 The_Greenville_News_Fri__Feb_8__2002_


1. For which 1973 Western ttlm did Dylan
wnte 'Knooktn' on Heaven’s Door“?

2. According to the new book on the
Rolling Stones, “Otd Gods Almoa Dead."
which Stone Insptred Dylan to write “Like a
Rolling Stone"?

3. How many times has Dylan been nomi-
nated tor the Nobel Prize tn Literature?

4. Which rock 'n’ roll contemporary of
Dylan’s. when asked how he was influ-
enced by the musician. replied. "That's like
asking me how I was influenced by being

5. Which Dylan tune is considered by
some rock tens to be the first rap song,
and whose accompanying tttm is otten
thought of as the first rock video?

6. WNch actor/playwrtght oo-wrote the song
“Browmttte GM" on Dylan’s 1986 album
“Knocked Out Loaded“?

7. Which girlfriend ts pictured on the cover at the
1962 album ”The Freewheelin' Bob Dytan"?

8. What was Iisted in Dylan's htgh school year-
book as his ambltton?

9. What did Dylan teach Woody Guthrie's eon Arto
when Arto was 13?

10. Under what atlas did Dylan produce his latest
album. “Love and Theft”?


L'PatGarrettendBtltytheth‘ ananonss 3.
Three 4. Pete Townehend at The Who 5.
“Subterranean Homesick Blues” 0. Sam Shepard 1.

Suze Hototo I. To jotn Uttts thhard's band 9. How to
play the hatmontca 10. Jack Frost