September 21, 2020

2005-01-04 – Pensacola News Journal

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Happy New Your. Mine
started on an ominous
note -— sick in bed watch—
ing “Left Behind" on the

Trinity Broadcast Network.
Nothing spells optimism
and hope like a good—
old end-of-days tale.
But it beat watch-
ing 8 Dick Clark—
less “Dick (‘lark's
Rocking New Year."
And Kirk Cameron
as Lord-fearing
journalist Buck
Williams? Brad
Johnson as the suf-
ficiently chiseled
Rayford Steele? Sure.
the characters' names
seem more suited to
“Boogie Nights II”
than religious pro~
gramming, but I got
to admit some guilty

plousurv. Though “lA-fl Bv—
hind" wnll nvwr rvpluco tho
Mimi Rogers {rv:tk-uut "The
R:1pturo"as thv scurwsl
und-tlmes mlu on film.

Speaking of fn-uk-(mts.
what's thv greatest ruck
singer ol'ull tune, Roger
Daltrvy, duimz selling clus-
sic rock in an inthmvrcinl‘.’
Sure, it's not us degrading
as Ali hawking: Raid ranch
spray. but an Infomer-
cial? At least it's nut P ~19
Townshond on TV svllmg
Children's books.

But I gotta admit thv
looping infimwmnl fur
Timt-LHH'K‘ "Legends l'lti
mate Rock (‘ollvctmxf 15 on-
tertaining. and ifynu rvcord
it on your VCR you pretty
much have the wholv eight-
disc set. Still. watching [)al‘
trey hawking plastic gives

The Who’s Roger Daltrey hawks classic rock on infomercial

nvw meaning to "The Who
Sr“ 0111 " ‘(Hm you lmuglnv
:1 tifi-mmulv program \ 1th
Kmth Mum and .1 wt of
Ginsu kmves‘?‘ thlk nvxt.
Bob Dylan $011111}: mnwn‘s