October 1, 2020

2005-03-13 – Detroit Free Press

2005 03 13 Detroit_Free_Press_Sun__Mar_13__2005_

Petra Haden -— “Petra Haden
Sings: The Who Sell Out" (Bar
None) um:

When Mike Watt of the Min-
utemen asked Petra Haden to take
on a note-for-note a capella re-
creation of one of his favorite al-
bums, few could have imagined the
result. What started as a DIY side
project has earned the LA. singer
and violinist, daughter of jazz mu-
sician Charlie Haden. praise from
Pete 'l‘ownshend himself. No won-
der. Haden's gorgeous interpreta-
tion of “Sell Out” — a precocious
and tuneful poke at commerce and
pop art circa 1967 that many count
as the best thing the Who ever did
— shows off Townshend's matur-
ing songwriting skills to amazing
effect. She sings all the parts, and
as if her multimtave range we-
ren’t impressive enough, Haden
shows true creativity in capturing
the album’s sonic highlights, from
the shimmering arpeggios of “Tat-
too” to the hive-like drone and
braided harmonies of “I Can See
for Miles.”

There is something new even for
those who know every note of the
original; for me, her take on “Reel"
gives the song the majesty the .
hand couldn’t quite capture until 5
they re-recorded bits of it for ’
“Tummy" two years later. The butz
surrounding her achievement has:
surprised the singer, but she is :
assembling musicians to perform ;
the album live and telling inter- ‘
viewers she hopes Who fans won"
“kill" her. No worries, Ms. Baden:

By Quinn Hanchotte. Los Angelet;

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