September 23, 2020

2007-02-21 – Star Gazette

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The Associated Press
Roger Daltrey, left, and Pete Townshend of The Who perform at a private acoustic performance Feb. 8

in London to launch the band’s 2007 European tour.

The Who announce '
28-city European tour

By D’Arcy Doran

The Associated Press

LONDON — More than
four decades after they first
hit the road, The Who gave an
impromptu performance
Feb. 8 to show they’re in fight-
ing form for a 28-city
European tour.

The band’s two surviving
original members. Pete
T ownshend, 61, and Roger
Daltrey, 62, played a four—
song acoustic set at a news
conference in London. Their
l4—country arena tour begins
May 8 in Lisbon, Portugal, and
ends July 9 in Helsinki,

They said they planned to
continue touring around the
world after Europe.

“We‘re playing because
Roger wanted to prove to all


you cynical press people he
could still do this,"
Townshend joked. sitting on a
stool, his guitar balanced on
his left knee.

Townshend strummed furi-
ously as the pair launched in-
to their hit “Won’t Get Fooled
Again.” Daltrey stood beside
him, eyes closed, as he leaned
toward his microphone,
singing with intensity.

The performance was broad-
cast live on the Internet from a
music studio in Covent
Garden. Afterward, they an-
swered questions from fans in
the U.S., Sweden and Australia,
as well as from journalists.

The pair were asked about
their turbulent relationship,

which led to the band’s
breakup in 1982.

“Our relationship is back in
the middle, it isn’t up or
down, it’s there in the mid-
dle,” Daltrey joked. “We’re
working on making it go

Townshend disagreed: “No,
I think it’s up.”

The tour follows last year’s
release of “Endless Wire,"
The Who’s first new album in
more than two decades.

Townshend credited CBS-
TV series “CSI: Crime Scene
Investigation," which uses
“Who Are You” as its theme,
and the series’ two spinoffs,
which also use their songs, for
keeping their music in the
public eye during “the quieter
days of the band."

Tickets went on sale Feb.