September 25, 2020

2007-03-08 – The Daily Journal

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Colo. band knows Who to thank for big break


Gannett New Jersey
fans, then Rose Hill Drive must
be something special. After all,
the youthful rock trio from
Boulder, Colo, counts among its
devotees none other than Pete
Townshend and Roger Daltrey
of The Who

And you should know the two
rock legends aren’t just saying
nice things about the band, but
are, in a manner of speaking,
putting their money where their
mouths are: By the time The
Who’s current tour ends, Rose
Hill Drive will have opened 16
shows for the clamie—rock icons,
including Friday’s rave—up at
the Borgata.

The two bands met last sum-
mer when Rose Hill Drive,
which is currently touring in
en pport of its self- titled debut
CD, played some British festi-
vals headlined by The Who

“Pete’s girlfriend (Rachel
Fuller), invited us to come on
her Internet show to do an

acoustic thing. They were there
and everyone just hit off,” says


guitarist Daniel Sproul.

Even for a group that has
opened for the likes of Counting
Crowes, Wiloo and Robert Ran-
dolph, meeting 'lbwnshend and

Showtime is 8 pm. Friday. Admission

is $297, $247 and $97. For tickets and
intormation. call (me) mm. or

go to m.thdmgflnm.

Daltrey was something special.
But the best was yet to come

“It was crazy,” he recalls.
“Last fall, we were in Vermont
going to a show, and I got a call
saying we were going to open for
The Who at the Hollywood Bowl.
It was like, ‘Wait a second! Is this
really happening? It was most

Because of the Who dates,
Rose Hill Drive finds itself in a
somewhat schizophrenic situa-

When the band — which also
includes Daniel’s brother, Jake,
on bass and their neighborhood
buddy, drummer Nate Barnes —
isn’t playing hockey arenas and
posh casinos with The Who, it is

gigging on their own at small

“It’s definitely a roller-ooast-
er ride,” says Sproul, adding that
while the dichotomy can play
with one’s mind, “if you get a
gripon itit’ssscoolasean be"

Not that the unit has a prob-
lem with the smaller venues

“The club scene is so intimate.
you am definitely feel the peo-
ple," he says Sproul admits that
he and his band mates haven‘t
spent that much quality time
with members of The Who.

But then again, he’s certainly
not complaining.

“The time we do get with
them, they’ve been very accept-
ing, very warm," he offers “But
towatch thoseguysonstageis
the most humbling thing. It’s
one of the most inspiring things
I've ever seen, to see someone of
Pete’s age still have that cre
ative spark. This guy’s still
doing it, and he’s showing every-
one he can still do it.”