September 26, 2020

2007-03-20 – Star Tribune

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< SXSW FROM E1 One omnipresent veteran, Pete Townshend, offered fun tidbits about the Who’s lega- cy during his keynote appear- ance, like: The band’s first re- union in the 19805 was done to help bassist John Entwis— tle’s finances. “He proceed— ed to blow it all on cocaine,” he said. Townshend popped up sev- eral more times, including a live performance of the “In the Attic” webcasts that he does with girlfriend Rachel Fuller, plus he climbed onstage with Scottish rock trio the Fratellis and former Faces keyboardist Ian McLagan’s Bump Band. Audioslave/Rage Against the Machine guitarist Tom Morello — stepping out as the sociopolitical act the Night— watchman — had an impres— sive guest list including Slash and Perry Farrell at his electric showcase. He also played solo inside a Presbyterian church, whose congenial staff prompt- ed him to rethink a religion—ori— ented speech he had planned. “That’s how sectarian vi- olence comes to an end,” he said, “with a couple of nice Pete Townshend seemed to be everywhere in Austin. church ladies.” Another high—profile gui- tarist stepping out for the first time, Albert Hammond Jr. of the Strokes, made the rounds to promote his solo debut. Hammond’s new band sound— ed a lot like his old one, but, of course, nobody complained. There was a lot of griping about the slumping, techno- logically upended music in— dustry on SXSW’s daytime panels, which discussed such topics as “Touring on a Shoe- string Budget” and “Why Does Today’s Music Sound , .- Ivy ', i Y Y! , l , ‘ l l , l , | . l I ' '1' ‘t‘ -‘ ,‘ _ , ‘ . 7. - . ‘ | . l ' . - | From left, Isaac Hayes, William B J: 7 4 ell, Eddie Floyd and Steve Cropper ~ ‘I I recalled another Stax/Volt vet with “Sitting on the Dock of the Bay.” Like [Expletive]?” Record 1a— bels that once had their 10- gos splashed all over town were replaced by any and eV- ery company that could sup— ply sponsorship money, rang— ing from Hyundai to Levi’s to — hold the indie—rocker b.o. jokes — Old Spice. Even Townshend quipped: “Rome is burning.” In a panel titled “Record Companies: Who Needs Them?” former Talking Head David Byrne pointed out the problems and grim outlook for the conventional music biz, but didn’t say that all hope is lost. “Record companies are not obsolete,” he said, “but there obviously is a mandate for change. What’s amazing is how quickly it’s changing.” Chris Riemenschneider - 612-673-4658