September 23, 2020

2007-03-23 – The Palm Beach Post

2007 03 23 The_Palm_Beach_Post_Fri__Mar_23__2007_


Before the Who duo’s re-
turn show to South Florida
on Monday. Pete 'Ibwns-
hend, sometimes serious,
sometimes mad as a hatter,
answered some questions
via e-mail:

0n shylng sane: “We
stay sane by counting our

On his guitar m
“Young musicians often
complain to me that I
didn't leave many new
ways of standing with a
guitar for them to discover
for themselves. . .. Chuck
Berry. Bo Diddley and El-
vis took one position each
and left the remaining five
thousand to me.”

On Ilka Mm' upconlug

Che eky Pete

The Who’s Townshend on iPods,

the music biz and getting along with Roger

mm—s mm.
815-8350. Phone:

bloplc of late Who drummer
Keith Moon: “Mike will be
good. I'll give advice to
whoever plays me. Get it
right, make me look good,
or I'll cut your (bleepin’
bleeps) off."

On listenlng to IM:
“Pray for (ear drum)
implants. It never worked
for hair, so don’t raise your
hopes too high.”

0!: M to M, II Implod-
Ing mule Industry: “Why

should I help these people?
I predicted downloading
back in 1985. No one took
any notice. I predicted
the Internet back in 1971.
I have been called pre-
tentious for doing so by
anyone who wants to make
themselves feel big by tak-
ing a pop at a ‘genius.’ "

0n Ills favorite new bands:
“There are dozens of new
bands that can compete in
our marketplace. .. Flam-
ing Lips, the Raconteurs.
Pearl Jam: These three
bands each do things in
their own way. They get
kids to concerts.”

0n ailing Ills soup for
N show them: “It must

surely be apparent by now

to everyone that I am pig-

headed about this. This is
my music, not yours. I sell
it wherever I like.

“If you want to stop me
doing this because it is
so vital to you that Behind
Blue Eyes remains forever
the song to which you and
your wife first made love,
tlahen‘ change the copyright


0n Ills nlatlondllp filth
Roar Danny: “Roger and
I get along really well. We
don’t spend much time
together, and I travel alone
bytheway. Butweareboth
totally nuts Why change

the tradition of a lifetime?”

— Sean Duly,
71:: St. Petersburg Times


FRIDAY, MARCH 23, 2007 35


mm OF ROCK ’N' ROLL: Roger Daltrey (left) and Pete
Townshend of the Who perform at the start of their current tour.