September 23, 2020

2008-02-19 – Quad City Times

2008 02 19 Quad_City_Times_Tue__Feb_19__2008_

Thomas Scot Halpin, 54

Muscatlne natlve
played with The Who

A Muscatine, Iowa, native
who became a part of rock his-
tory by stepping forward from
the audience to play the drums
for The Who after a band mem-
ber passed out has died at his
home in Bloomington, Ind.

A memorial service will be
held Friday in Bloomington
for Thomas Scot Halpin, 54,
who divided his time between
Indiana and Sausalito, Calif.

At age 19, he and a friend
were watching The Who per-
form at the Cow Palace in San
Francisco. Afier drummer
Keith Moon passed out for the
second time in the night. Pete
Townshend called out. “Can
anybody play the drums?"
Halpin and his friend and fellow
Muscatine native Mike Danese
already were at the edge of the
stage and ready to perform.

“'I‘ownshend and Daltrey
look around and they’re as sur-
prised as I am because (concert
promoter Bill) Graham put me
up there,” Halpin recalled in a
1996 interview with the San
Francisco Examiner.

Halpin finished the set and
locked his arms around the
backs of Townshend and

Roger Daltry to take his bows.
“It's like one of the few

times you could play royalty,"
he told the Examiner.

Halpin was composer in res-
idence at the Headlands Cen-
ter for the Arts in Sausalito
and played with and composed
for several hands. He also
illustrated children's books
and donated artwork to vari.
ous fundraising events.

Halpin died Feb. 9. and sur-
vivors include his wife and son.
Friday‘s memorial service will
be at the Unitarian Universal-
ist Church in Bloomington,
and a family celebration will be
scheduled in Muscatine later
this year, according to the Mus.
catine Journal.

— David Burke

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