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2010-02-05 – South Florida Sun Sentinel

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Mike Stacker. Sun Sentinel

The Who‘s Roger Daltrey and Pete Townshend performed a brief acoustic set during Thursday's news conference at the Greater Fort Lauderdale Broward County Convention Center.


Daltrey, Townshend
sing, but don’t dance
around delicate topic

By Sean Piccoli

played three hit songs and fielded
one delicate question on Thursday
at a news conference to promote its
Super Bowl halftime show Sunday
at Sun Life Stadium.

Pete Townshend and Roger Dalt-
rey, the surviving members of the
fabled British rock band formed in
1964.51ung on acoustic guitars for a
mini—set watched by a ballroom full
of media at the Greater Fort Lauder-
dale Broward County Convention
Center. -

They played “Behind Blue Eyes"
and “Pinball Wizard." and later
wrapped with “Won’t Get Fooled
Again." The last song followed a
Q&A in which Townshend was
asked about objections to his Super
Bowl appearance because of his
2003 guilty plea for viewing Child

Townshend, 64, said he was both
“saddened" and “concerned“ by the
campaign against him, led primari-
ly by Pompano Beach-based Child
AbuseWatCh. That group and an-
other in Florida, Protect Our Chil-
dren, have said Townshend doesn't
belong on a family-oriented Super
Bowl telecast.

Townshend pleaded guilty in
Britain to logging on to a child-porn
website with a credit card; his name
went on a British sex-offender
watchlistunti12008. He said at the

time that he was researching an au-
tobiography and trying tojog mem-
ories of sexual abuse he had suf-
fered a Child.

He said Thursday that he‘s on
“the same side" as child advocates
and has long supported charities
and health research on behalf of
Children. He called for “common-
sense vigilance not vigilantism"
in combatingchild abuse.

NFL executives have said they
were aware of Townshend's guilty
plea when they approached The
Who to perform and have cited his
charitable work in defending the

Mike Stacker. Sun Sentinel

The band has toured the United
States since Townshend‘s convic-
tion and in December 2008, he at-
tended the Kennedy Center Honors
in Washington.

The Who‘s press day was other-
wise tension-free. The pair joked
about having a longer Super Bowl
workday on Sunday — 12 minutes
— than the athletes, based on Dalt-
rey having once heard that actual
play minus game breaks totals 11%

Daltrey said this was his first
American football game and he is
“nonpartisan“ about the outcome,
but then threw his support to the

Queen Latifah, let}.
will perform
“America the
Beautiful" and
Carrie Underwood
will sing “The
Banner" at the
Super Bowl on

Pete Townshend
addressed ObjEFTit ms;
to his Super Bowl
appearance because
of his 8003 guilty plea

for Viewing child

New Orleans Saints over the India—
napolis Colts. Townshend took no
sides but did say he wanted to
charge Colts owner Jim lrsay $1
million to autograph a helmet.

The underdog Saints. in their
first championship game. seemed
to have the hearts of most 0fthe mu-
sicians hired for Super Bowl XLIV.
In an earlier Q&A, pregame singers
Carrie Underwood (“The Star-
Spangled Banner") and Queen Lati-
fah (“America the Beautiful") spoke
diplomatically about just wanting
to see a great game before they t'i-
nally tilted the Saints' way.

“I really hate picking sides. but
I'll probably be 51 percent rooting
for the Saints," said Underwood.
Saints coach Sean Payton came to
one of her concerts, she said. _

Latifah, a rapper turned singer
and actor, said she felt “a responsi-
bility“ in being chosen to sing at the
big game. “You feel like you're rep-
resenting America,“ she said. “So
yeah, no pressure, just the whole
world looking at you."

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