September 18, 2020

2010-02-13 – The Philadelphia Inquirer

2010 02 13 The_Philadelphia_Inquirer_Sat__Feb_13__2010_

Teenage wasteland. How about that Super

Bowl halftime show — or as I refer to it, the

Old Timers Game?
Thanks to Janet Jackson, to be eligible to

rock the big throwdown, you must now prove

you already had reached drinking age by the
time of the inaugural Super Bowl in 1967. The

Who’s Pete Townshend has considerable se-

niority over both J im Caldwell and Sean Pay-
ton, the coaches on the sidelines. Drew Brees,

the game’s MVP, was born a full decade after

Tommy was released.
How weird has the world become when the

wild and woolly Woodstock—era tribe is consid-
ered the safest alternative?