July 31, 2021

Eminence Front

A remarkably prescient study of what would later be known as the Decade of Greed. It was released as a 7-inch and 12-inch single in the U.S. with b-side "One At A Time" reaching the charts December 25, 1982 and peaking at #68 in the Billboard charts and #77 in Cash Box. "Eminence Front" was to have been released in the U.K. as WHO 7 but it was cancelled at the last minute. A video version with a different take of the song was shot backstage at the Capital Center in Landover, Maryland September 22, 1982. A mistake in Pete’s vocals at 2’38 on the original was corrected on the 1997 version and his vocal was centered in the mix instead of hard right as it was in the original.

John’s bass line on the 1997 version is from a different take and is mixed higher. The intellectual firebrand Camille Paglia said, "I would cite the Who’s magnificent, rumbling ‘Eminence Front’, with its penetrating insights into psychology and politics, as an example of what an evolved punk can and should achieve." Click here to see the original lyric sheet: Eminence Front.

According to R. Rowley, the background music is played on a Yamaha E70 organ. Click here for more details.