June 20, 2021

Hall Of The Mountain King

Recorded at an unknown studio in London, April 28, 1967.


This instrumental, whose theme is borrowed from Grieg’s Peer Gynt Suite, was originally recorded by various U.K.-based instrumental bands in the early Sixties.


[John Entwistle: "A long time ago we had plans to do an instrumental release and on that was ‘Instrumental – No Title’ and then there was ‘Hall Of The Mountain King.’ We recorded it and it sounded great out in the studio floor but once we got back inside it didn’t sound so hot. There were a lot of mistakes in it so we scrapped the idea."


"Instrumental – No Title," also recorded at the same time, was set to be released on the 1998 Odds and Sods reissue under the title "Sodding About" but was dropped at the last minute. It has appeared on bootlegs under the titles "Signal 30" and "Who The F**k." ]