June 20, 2021

My Wife

John Entwistle’s only contribution to Who’s Next is unlikely to have been part of Lifehouse and was first played on stage a couple of months after the Young Vic gigs. Recorded at Olympic in May 1971.

[The song was written by John after a fight with his wife. He took his dogs for a walk in the woods after the fight and wrote the song in his head during the walk. John said his wife took it good-naturedly and tried to talk him into letting her make a guest appearance on stage wielding a rolling pin! Ultimately, John said, she didn’t come after him; her lawyers did. John was dissatisfied with the way this track came out (both he and Roger disliked Glyn Johns’ production on this LP) and later re-recorded it with his solo band Rigor Mortis for his 1973 LP Rigor Mortis Sets In. “My Wife” and “Boris The Spider” are the Entwistle songs most often played live. Live versions can be found on The Kids Are Alright (1977), Two’s Missing (1971), the 30 Years Of Maximum R&B boxset (1976), a different version on the same-titled video (1979), The Blues To the Bush (1999) and The Who & Special Guests Live at the Royal Albert Hall video (2000).]