June 20, 2021

Slip Kid

‘Slip Kid’ was tried on stage but quickly abandoned. ‘Slip Kid’ was recorded on May 30.

[Pete: "’Slip Kid’ came across as a warning to young kids getting into music that it would hurt them – it was almost parental in its assumed wisdom."

"Slip Kid" was edited down to 3’30 and released as a single in the U.S. and Canada August 7th, 1976 in the middle of the 2nd 1976 North American tour. The b-side was "Dreaming From The Waist." It failed to chart. "Slip Kid" was played live during the 1976 European tour and the first 2 weeks of the 1st 1976 North American tour. Piano and additional percussion were played off of tape. The version on the remixed CD fades out a few seconds earlier than the version on the original LP. Pete’s original demo was released on his 1999 solo album Lifehouse Chronicles.]