June 20, 2021

Squeeze Box

Often played on stage, ‘Squeeze Box’ was released as a single in January 1976. It reached #10 in the U.K. charts and #16 in the U.S. Recorded on May 30.

[Pete: "Intended as a poorly aimed dirty joke. I had bought myself an accordion and learned to play it one afternoon. The polka-esque rhythm I managed to produce from it brought forth this song. Amazingly recorded by The Who to my disbelief. Further incredulity was caused when it became a hit for us in the USA."

"Squeeze Box" was originally intended for a Who television special planned for 1974 where the song was to be performed by The Who accompanied by 100 topless lady accordianists! Backed with "Success Story", it was released first in the U.S. November 22nd, 1975 in the middle of the 1975 North American tour. It reached #16 in the Billboard charts and #11 in the Cash Box charts. It also spent 16 weeks in the Billboard Top 100 singles chart, the longest for any Who single.

When I saw them play this live in 1975, Pete and Roger rocked their hips back and forth during the "in and out" part leaving no doubt as to the meaning! Dropped from the live act after 1976 but resurfaced in 1982. "Squeeze Box" was also recorded country-style by Laura Branigan and Freddy Fender.]