June 20, 2021

The Real Me

Pete Townshend: "Gets everything going with a quick look in at the psychiatrists, at home and even a quick visit to the local vicar. Mental security is unfortunately not obtained."

The demo version has the additional lines, "Rock & Roll’s going do me in; do me an evil wrong. Funny how your best friends turn out; it was good for oh so long. I stop myself getting letters and then the people try to turn me back. Publisher wants my memoirs and the limousines are black. Can you see the real me, rock & roll?" On his liner notes to Scoop 3, where the demo appears, Pete says these lines were to have been sung by The Godfather.

The Who’s version was released as a single in the U.S. January 12, 1974 with b-side "I’m One." It peaked at #92 in Billboard and #82 in Cash Box. The ending was edited to cut back to an instrumental section prior to the final "Can you see the real mememememe" and faded out which gave it a running time of 3’26. It was also released as a single in France, Belgium and Japan. A live version appears on The Who & Special Guests Live at the Royal Albert Hall video (2000)