June 20, 2021

Tommy’s Holiday Camp

Not only did Keith not write this song, he does not even perform on it nor does anyone but Pete. This track is, in fact, Pete’s original demo. See the Tommy Deluxe Edition for a band version of this track.

In an early song list, this song preceded "Welcome."

Pete: "As we were leaving IBC Studios one day, I said to Keith and John as they were walking down the stairs, ‘I’ve really got to do something with this whole business of the establishment, the church, or what turns out to be the church at the end of the story. I’ve got to work out something to give it life, to make it real, to make it palatable, but not something churchy, which would make the whole tone of the album pretentious.’ Keith said, ‘Well I’ve been thinking that it would be a good idea to set the whole thing in a Holiday Camp.’ I said, ‘What a great idea,’ and Keith said, ‘Well O.K. I’ll write that tonight.’ I thought, ‘God Almighty, if Keith goes off and gets into writing songs about Holiday Camps, I don’t know how they’ll fit in.’ So I said to him, ‘Don’t worry Keith, I’ve already written it.’ Keith got the credit for it because it was his idea, and also I felt, it turned out just as he himself would have written it."