October 26, 2021

Today in Whostory: 1/09/2019

1965 – ody Maker features their first review of a Who gig. 16 year-old fan Nick Jones raves about the “weird and effective techniques of guitarist Paul Townshend” and declares The Who “must surely be one of the trendsetting groups of 1965.

1970 – first inquest into the death of Neil Boland is held, but is immediately adjourned, postponed until February 20th. Keith knows it is not his fault but takes it to heart anyway, brooding on his role in Boland’s death for years after.

1970 – gs” Larry Smith, as “Topo D. Bil,” releases the single “Witchi Tai To” in the U.K. Keith is a guest percussionist on the track.

1999 – Pete Townshend plays a secret show to eighty people in Oxford England to commemorate the closing of the Museum of Modern Arts exhibition on Gustav Metzger.