September 17, 2021

Today in Whostory: 1/16/2019

1967 – Beat Club is broadcast featuring The Who recorded the previous day

1971 – 6th Pete Townshend page in Melody Maker appears. In “Do you suffer from media frustration?” Pete discusses the pros and cons of BBC radio.

1978 – Roger Daltrey takes his third movie role as a rock star in the horror movie The Legacy, which begins filming

1978 – Shooting begins on “The Legacy” in which Roger takes a small role in his first fiction film not directed by Ken Russell

1980 – Variety reports The Who have been signed to Warner Brothers Records for a three-record deal for $12 million dollars

1993 – Roger appears at the Paramount Theatre Benefit Concert for the CityKids Foundation of New York.

2002 – e posts a long diary message called “A Different Bomb” about the dangers of child pornography on the Internet. “When you are a child – possibly the victim of a war, maybe just an orphan or foster child – and sexual abuse follows, it could be said that what drops on you is ‘…a different bomb’. I believe that the internet is a latent bomb factory for the children of the future.” After the blowup about his research on this issue in 2003, Pete is forced to stop plans to continue writing what was meant to be a exposé book and this document is all that is ever published.