September 17, 2021

Today in Whostory: 12/06/2019

1957 – Pete gets a little brother as Paul Townshend is born

1967 – The Who were to have resumed touring Britain at the Sky Line Ballroom in Hull but the date is canceled. The excuse given is that The Who have to return to America for a performance on The Ed Sullivan Show although this never happens.

1988 – Pete is visited by his friend Robert Greenfield as he works on The Iron Man at his home studio in Twickenham. Pete tells Robert that, despite pressure, he will not tour with The Who as part of a 25th anniversary celebration.

1999 – An exhibit of the artwork connected with Pete’s Avatar boxset is exhibited at the Corningsby Gallery in London through the 11th

1999 – Pete places two messages on his website, the first asking for understanding about his changing his mind about the existence of The Who. “I am doing it out of love, friendship and because I think I’m really going to enjoy it.” He also clears up the confusing credit for his song “North Country Girl” on his solo album All The Best Cowboys Have Chinese Eyes explaining he adapted the song after hearing it on a Roy Harper album where it was credited as “Traditional: arr by Roy Harper”.

2010 – The Who release a video for the song “Tattoo” created to celebrate the recent release of Live At Leeds 40th Anniversary Super Deluxe Collector’s Edition. The video is created by Chris Boyle.