October 26, 2021

Today in Whostory: 2/20/2020

1964 – The Who play their first show as “The Who” at the Oldfield Hotel In Greenford

1966 – The Who play the Oasis Club in Manchester.

1966 – Colin Jones meets The Who at Manchester Airport and shoots the color photo of Pete in the foreground wearing the Union Jack jacket with the rest of The Who lined across the back. Used a month later in the Sunday Observer, it becomes one of the most famous Who portraits.

1970 – A verdict is delivered on the death of Keith Moon’s chauffeur Neil Boland. His death, caused by Keith unknowingly running him over with a car in an attempt to escape some rampaging skinheads, is deemed an accident. The jury takes ten minutes to reach the decision. The verdict does not please Boland’s parents or the police who want to bring charges against Keith for driving drunk.

1971 – Keith is the guest MC at the “Viv Stanshall, Neil Innes and Freaks” show at the Roundhouse in Dagenham, Essex

1981 – The Who play the Edinburgh Playhouse in Edinburgh, Midlothian

1984 – Public Broadcasting in the U.S. shows the BBC-TV production of Shakespeare’s The Comedy Of Errors starring Roger as twin servants.

1984 – Roger appears on “The Leo Sayer Show” and performs “Giving It All Away”, written by Leo Sayer and David Courtney

1988 – “My Generation” backed with “Substitute” hits the charts in Britain, peaking at #68. The 12″ and CD version has, in addition, “Baba O’ Riley” and “Behind Blue Eyes.”

1996 – Dread Zeppelin releases their CD The Fun Sessions with a parody cover of “Baba O’Riley.”You can listen to it on youtube here

2000 – Pete Townshend’s commercial site www.eelpie.com finally comes on line shipping out orders for the boxsets Avatar and Lifehouse Chronicles.

2000 – Roger was scheduled to play with the British Rock Symphony at Melbourne Colonial Stadium in Australia. The show was apparently rescheduled until March 11.

2001 – John Entwistle accepts The Who’s Lifetime Achievement Grammy at an un-televised ceremony the night before The Grammys broadcast. During the next night’s show, The Who are represented by a video tribute. Attendees receive a four-track DVD preview of the upcoming Royal Albert Hall 2000 release. Others winning the Lifetime Achievement Grammy this year are The Beach Boys, Tony Bennett, Sammy Davis Jr. and Bob Marley

2006 – Roger performs at The House of Blues in Los Angeles as part of that year’s Rock ‘n Roll Fantasy Camp. He plays “Real Good Looking Boy”, a long Johnny Cash medley on acoustic guitar and “Summertime Blues” with Cheap Trick. Accompanying on one of the songs is Joaquin Phoenix.

2007 – Southern Culture On The Skids releases their album Countrypolitan Favorites featuring a cover of “Happy Jack”.You can listen to it on youtube here

2007 – Pete and Rachel hold an In The Attic show at the 160-seat Joe’s Pub in New York’s East Village. Pete plays a five-song acoustic set, but the highlight of the night has Pete duetting with Lou Reed on versions of the Velvet Underground classics “I’m Waiting For The Man,” “White Light/White Heat” and “Pale Blue Eyes.”

2008 – Amy Winehouse’s father tells the press that Roger called him to offer his support and advice in dealing with people who suffer from drug and drinking addictions.