October 27, 2021

Today in Whostory: 3/04/2019

1963 – The Detours play the White Hart Hotel in Acton

1964 – Pete fills in another form requesting an audition for the BBC Light Programme this time under the name “The Who”.

1965 – The Who play The Ealing Club in Ealing

1966 – The Who release their first single on Robert Stigwood’s Reaction label “Substitute” backed with a Pete Townshend-produced version of “Circles.” It only stays on store shelves for a week before Shel Talmy The Who’s former producer brings an injunction against it claiming he is due royalties from the new recording of “Circles” because of production advice he gave during The Who’s recording of “Circles” he produced two months before

1966 – The Who play The I.C.I Fibres “A” Shft Dance at the British Nylon Spinners Social Club in Pontypool, Monmouthshire. Wales

1966 – Shel Talmy releases a new single by The Rockin’ Vickers, “It’s Alright,” that is a re-write of “The Kids Are Alright.” The band’s lead guitarist is Ian Willis who will later be rechristened “Lemmy” when he becomes famous in Motörhead.

1967 – The Who play the California Ballroom in Dunstable

1981 – Previews are held at Richmond’s in Hollywood, California for the long-forgotten Flash Fearless musical on which John and Keith Moon worked in 1974. The title is changed to Captain Crash versus the Zzorgwomen Chapters 5 & 6. It receives negative notices and quickly closes

1981 – The Who record their last appearance on BBC1’s Top Of The Pops miming to “You Better You Bet.” It airs the following evening

1996 – a remixed and remastered CD of The Who’s recording of Tommy is released in Britain. It comes out on the 12th in the U.S. The cover is changed to Mike McInnerney’s original work that does not feature The Who’s faces in the diamond shapes.

1996 – The Who re-issue program releases a remixed and remastered version of Tommy in the U.K. The cover removes the pictures of The Who from within the diamonds, restoring Mike McInnerney’s artwork to its intended look.

1999 – At a party in Santa Monica California celebrating the completion of the movie Romantic Moritz Roger Daltrey performs a set with Carmine Appice,  Denny Laine,  Firm’s bassist Tony Franklin and Steve Stevens. They play “Pinball Wizard,” “Band On The Run” and “Radioactive.” The movie is subsequently released under the title Chasing Destiny.

2000 – Roger is scheduled to appear with the British Rock Symphony appearing at the Canberra Bruce but is forced to cancel due to effects of whiplash from a car accident the previous morning

2002 – Clarinex begins television advertising using the “Overture from Tommy” as music.

2004 – Uncut magazine releases a special issue about Tommy with a new Pete Townshend interview called “The Truth About Tommy, The Who and Me,” a Roger Daltrey interview and a CD called The Roots Of Tommy.

2006 – Having finished the online serialization of his novella The Boy Who Heard Music, Pete posts an invitation-only site for “sitters” (those who commented on the novella as it was being published) that uses a computer program to generate musical phrases representing the sitters. At the time, Pete plans to invite the sitters to a concert where Pete will perform music based on the generated music.

2008 – Pete writes his diary entry after having been “asked by our webmaster to communicate with the outside world.” He chats about celebrities and how much he never wants to leave his home studio

2009 – Roger Daltrey is presented with the James Joyce Award by UCD’s Literary and Historical Society In Dublin. The award is in recognition of his work with the Teenage Cancer Trust

2013 – The Manchester group Monkeys in Love releases their album The Monkeys in Love will Pet & Cuddle You featuring the song “The Man in the Keith Moon T-shirt”.

2016 – The Who appear on The Tonight Show Staring Jimmy Fallon