September 28, 2021

Today in Whostory: 4/30/2019

1963 – The Detours play the Oldfield Hotel in Greenford

1964 – The Who play the Oldfield Hotel in Greenford. According to legend, this is likely the show that Keith showed up and “auditioned” for the band.

1965 – The Who play Town Hall in Trowbridge, Wiltshire.

“When The Who played Trowbridge, Townshend was adamant that the band should use their own sound system, despite the fact that the contract categorically stated that this could not happen. In the end, a compromise was reached. Alford agreed that the band could use their own set up but should their be any complaints from the audience that they couldn’t hear anything, The Who would only be paid half their fee. Townshend surprisingly agreed. The Bridgwater Mercury’s Mike Guy interviewed Pete Townshend backstage at their Town Hall gig. The interview was not published by the local paper. During the day of this gig, The Who collectively popped over to the local “Maynards” cafe for a cup of tea and a bacon sarnie. They were, apparently, arrogant and elusive. Eye witness Jane Lee says that were so “up themselves” that she was surprised that they managed to order anything!”

1966 – The Who play the Corn Exchange in Chelmsford

1966 – “Substitute” hits its peak at #5 on Sweden’s Tio i Topp charts

1967 – The Who, accompanied by Chris Stamp, fly to Helsinki in Finland for the beginning of an eight-day mini tour of Scandinavia. They kick off the tour with a Sunday night gig at the Helsinki Jäähallissa (The Ice Hall).

1975 – Keith joins Pete and John only to discover that, with almost two years off since he was last behind the drums in a studio, he has forgotten how to play! Nevertheless, Pete, John, Keith and guest pianist Nicky Hopkins manage to lay down the track “She Loves Everyone” that will later be retitled “They Are All in Love.” Roger will supply his vocals later as he is still on the set of Lisztomania

1980 – The Who play the Saint Paul Civic Center in Saint Paul, Minnesota

1994 – Pete performs at a private party at the West Bank Café in New York City. The party is in honor of the first anniversary of the Broadway musical The Who’s Tommy

1996 – Pete performs at The Fillmore in San Francisco. The set is taped, is later broadcast on the Westwood One radio network and is officially released in 2000 as Live: The Fillmore at

2002 – Roger plays Mr. Wilkinson, a high school music teacher, on the 100th episode of That 70’s Show. The series was originally to have been called either “Teenage Wasteland” or “The Kids Are Alright” but Pete refused to sell the rights to either name

2012 – Roger and his solo band play Shi Kokaido in Nagoya, Japan